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Android Training

Android is an operating system designed for touch screen devices developed by Google. The Android OS is open source which means it is okay to modify to suit your needs. The Android OS is the most popular OS not only on mobile phones but also on watches, tablets and interactive television sets. Our 6 days Android training course in Singapore is structured to help you gain skills to build applications on the Android platform.

The course is beginner focused and such assumes participants may not have any programming experience. The program will help you kick-start your long but fun-filled journey into applications development. Becoming a top-notch android developer could take years but getting the right start is important. This program addresses the best practices in android development and ensures common rookie mistakes are tackled in the right way at the onset.

The 6 days are going to be intensive because the training is immersive in nature. Most of the time will be spent in hands-on practical coding. While the trainers will guide each participant throughout the course, it is likely that some may fall behind. The trainers will be available post class up to 8 pm to help. Developing Android applications requires knowledge of Java and this is included as part of the course.

This training course takes participants from Ground Zero to being able to develop useful Andorid
applications using the Java programming language in 6 days.

Android Course Features

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  • Course Name: Android Programming Bootcamp
  • Location: Singapore
  • Duration: 6 days
  • Time: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • Venue: Office/Hotel on Orchard Road
  • Parking: Yes. Complimentary, first come, first serve
  • Refreshments: Snacks
  • Course Price: S $ 1970 
  • Approx cost after funding: S $350 (Above 40), S $750 (Below 40)
  • Pre-course preparation: Approximately 30 hours. Materials will be provided
  • Average number of participants:5-10


Course Features

  • 6 days instructor led training
  • No programming experience needed
  • Hands-on practical based learning
  • Android development course manual
  • Java basics course manual
  • After class support if needed
  • High octane learning environment

Course Outline

Introduction to Android Development

This module covers the foundations of developing for the Android Platform. Following a brief discussion of the benefits of developing for the android platform, participants will be taken through setting up the right development environment on their machines. The module covers a brief introduction to Java, Eclipse and the Android SDK.

Configuring the Android Development Environment

The importance of configuring the development environment cannot be understated. If the environment is not configured properly, there is high likelihood that the application may not function perfectly. This short module is focused on configuring Java SE, Eclipse IDE and Android’s SDK and emulator which mimics the behavior of an actual mobile device.

Java Fast Track

The functionality for an application in Android is written in the Java programming language. While mastery of Java is not required and if attempted could take years, we cover the basic essential concepts. The Java programming concepts covered are sufficient to get you started on Android applications development. In addition to Java, you will also learn a little bit about XML which is a mark-up language similar to HTML.

Framework for Android Application

This module covers the different components that make up a typical android application and how they are organized (buttons, audio, code, animation, xml, images, text etc.) We draw parallels to how these components are used in Java programming. Participants are also introduced to Android activities which explain how users interact with the system. This module also introduces participants to how an application interacts with the databases such as contact lists.

Screen Design Layout

Using Eclipse’s graphical layout editor, participants will be able to build UI designs in this module. Devices come with different resolutions and sizes. This module addresses methods to build designs that can adapt to these differences. The module also addresses styling and designing buttons, menus, alert boxes and other controls.

Animations and Graphics

This module introduces participants to Android smartphone Active-Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode (AMOLED) and how to use images in applications. Participants will also learn how to create icons that can scale based on screen resolutions.


In this module, participants will learn how to create an application that can respond to user inputs in real-time. Participants will learn about event listeners which execute code based on a certain trigger. Participants will also learn about the touch mode and focus which address navigation between screens on the Android device. In addition to the above, participants will also learn about: • Content Providers • Content Resolvers • Intents • Accessing and querying databases • MIME types • Data processing

Frequently Asked Questions

The 6 days Android course does not have any pre-requisites and is beginner focused. While some programming or coding experience is beneficial, it is not required since we will be covering Java programming in class. Participants with no programming experience will be expected to spend additional time after class reviewing some of the programming concepts and principles.

We get participants from different backgrounds and age groups. Below is a typical distribution based on the classes we have conducted:

• Male – 60%, Female-40%
• Age 18-25 : 20%
• Age 26-35: 35%
• Age 35-45:30%
• Age 46 and above: 15%

Many of our participants have not written a single line of code prior to the class.

The day starts at 9:00 with a short review of what was covered the previous day. The instructor then spends about 15 minutes explaining a concept and another 15 minutes demonstrating. The next 60 minutes is for a participant to try out the new skill. During this time, the instructor will assist each one until everyone is on the same page. This cycle then repeats again with a new concept. You will be provided some test or homework at the end of the day.

The course is not difficult but it is intense. You are expected to learn a lot of concepts and as such may feel overwhelmed with knowledge. This is natural and is part of the immersive learning process. The Instructors are available after class in case you need additional support or guidance.

Yes. You will create your own application by the end of the class. This could be a very simple application. To be able to build revolutionary top-notch applications, you will need to keep practicing and gradually enhancing your skills.

Our instructors for the Android training have at least 3 years’ experience in developing Android

Applications. Remember that Android itself is quite new there is a lot of things to explore. All our Instructors are also experienced in Java programming in the roles of developers or engineers. Our instructors are usually either from Singapore or Australia or Philippines or India. Their expert technical skills are complemented by their personality skills like patience and helpful nature.

We strongly advise you against missing any sessions since you may not be able to catch up when you are back. Since this is an immersion program, we expect you to dedicate your attention towards learning and stay away from distractions. Of course, in case of emergency you can miss a session and our Instructor will try to spend time with you to help you catch up.

A laptop running on Windows platform. Everything else including the SDK and Java can be downloaded during the module for setting up your development environment.

Enrolling is easy. You can do it online by clicking on the enroll button on top or send us an email or call us at +65 66381203.

Discounts are available for sign-ups of two or more.

In case you are unemployed or in between jobs or a student, you get special discounted rates on the published price. Call us for more details.