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Certified Associate in Cyber Security – Access Controls

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Certified Associate in Cyber Security – Access Controls

CACS Access Controls

Cyber security refers generally to the ability to control access to networked systems and the information they contain. Where cyber security controls are effective, cyberspace is considered a reliable, resilient, and trustworthy digital infrastructure. Where cyber security controls are absent, incomplete, or poorly designed, cyberspace is considered the wild west of the digital age. Even those who work in the security profession will have a different view of cyber security depending on the aspects of cyberspace with which they personally interact. Whether a system is a physical facility or a collection of cyberspace components, the role of a security professional assigned to that system is to plan for potential attack and prepare for its consequences.

Although the word “cyber” is mainstream vernacular, to what exactly it refers is elusive. Once a term of science fiction based on the then-emerging field of computer control and communication known as cybernetics, it now refers generally to electronic automation.

At a high level, cyber security is typically explained in terms of a few triads that describe the objectives of security professionals and their methods, respectively. Three that combine to cover most uses of the term are:

  • Prevent, Detect, Respond
  • People, Process, Technology
  • Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability

These reflect the goals of cyber security, the means to achieve cyber security, and the mechanisms by which cyber security goals are achieved, respectively.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the course, participants should be able to:

  • Understand cybersecurity domain and some of its key challenges
  • Explain the most common mistakes and bad habits in computer security today
  • Apply networking essentials
  • Practical skills in network administration
  • Review network security programming
  • Build the scripts and procedures for conducting network investigations and advanced log analysis

Who should attend

This course will help, programmers, application developers and software engineers pick the right strategy for developing cyber security solutions



Delivery Method

Mix of Instructor-led, case study driven and hands-on for select phases


24 Hours (2 days Instructor led + 8 hours online learning)

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  • Course Name: Certified Associate in Cyber Security – Access Controls
  • Location: Singapore
  • Duration: 2 days classroom + 8 hours online
  • Exam Time: 60 minutes
  • Course Price: Call for price
  • Minimum requirements: Foundational Certificate in Programming


Course contents

# Topic Method of Delivery
Day 1

Chapter 1 – Cyber Security Policy

Laws and Regulations

Enterprise Policy

Technology Operations

Technology Configuration

Instructor Led

Chapter 2 – Cyber Threats

Types of Attackers


Cyber Attack methods

Instructor Led

Case study

Hands-on session

Day 2

Chapter 3 – Access Controls

Mandatory access controls

Role-based access control

Discretionary access control

Logical access controls

Physical access control

Authentication systems

Instructor Led

Chapter 4 – Assessments and Audits



Penetration testing

Port scanning

Password cracking

Open vulnerability


Case Study

Hands-on session


Online Self paced


  • Certificate Title: Certified Associate in Cyber Security – Access Controls
  • Certificate Awarding Body: ITPACS


Information Technology Professional Accreditations and Certifications Society (ITPACS) is a non-profit organization focused on improving technology skills for the future. ITPACS offers associate level, professional level and leader certifications across 6 domains including data science, web development, mobile development, cyber security, IoT and blockchain. Applicants have to go through a exam eligibility process demonstrating their experience.


The Associate certification is catered to individuals with less than 1 year working experience in the field. This is ideal for newcomers starting out in the profession or those seeking to make an entry into the profession. Applicants are required to have completed the application process prior to taking the exam.  

Styling Eligibility


  • Exam Format: Closed-book format.
    Questions: 30 multiple choice questions, coding exercises
    Passing Score: 65%
    Exam Duration: 60 minutes
  • Exam needs to be taken within 12 months from the exam voucher issue date

ITPACS Certification Training Road Map

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